Friday, April 16, 2010


Just about the only thing I drink anymore is water.  But, sometimes...I want a little flavor.  Yesterday, I decided that instead of drinking my water from the filter in the fridge, I would just fill up a pitcher with ice and filtered water because I go through it pretty quickly.  And, it's just prettier that way. :0)

After I filled my pretty pitcher with water - I noticed I had 3 oranges left.  "Hmmm....that might be nice floating in there."  So, I sliced one up and tossed it in.  Then, I remembered the lemon balm growing in my front flower bed.  "Hmmm...that's lemony.  That might be nice in there."  So, I snipped some, washed it, crushed it in my hands a little to release the flavor, and in it went.  I gave it a good stir and poured myself a cool, refreshing glass of good ol' H2O - with a kick.

The nice thing about it was that the longer it set, the more flavored it became.  It tinted the water a pretty shade like Ginger Ale, too, after a while.  When my pitcher was empty - I simply added more ice and water.  I did this 2 or 3 times and it still flavored the water.

If you have a hard time drinking plain water - or if you just want a little something extra - you should give this refreshing twist on water a try.  You may just find that if you have a pitcher of it waiting on you, you may drink more during the day.

This would be delicious with any citrus fruit - lemons, limes, tangerines...  Lots of different types of herbs would be fabulous as well - mint, rosemary, lavender...

So, how do you take your water?  Straight up?  With a twist?  Sparkling?  Do you ever flavor it - and with what?

Happy Homemaking!


Gina said...

Oh, I love this idea! I'm going to try it! I wonder what my children will think?

Anonymous said...

I love awesome and easy tips like this. It tickles me how creative you are in the home. I have drank countless glasses of water and ate countless oranges and never had the thought of combining the two.

Shu Han said...

great idea! makes water less boring! perfect for summer when we ought to be drinking a lot more water than we realise!