Wednesday, March 24, 2010


OK, y'all.  I'm pretty excited about the give away going on over at Nourished Kitchen right now. 

My family is on a journey to better health.  We have eliminated just about all processed foods from our house.  We are eating homemade yogurt every day.  We are eating more organic fruits and veggies.  And, we have significantly cut our sugar intake.

One area that is on my list of changes yet to be made is switching over to grass-fed beef.  Can you guess why I'm so excited about this give away?

US Wellness Meats is giving one of Jenny's readers a grass-fed beef package worth over $100 that includes:

Hickory Smoked Brisket (1.5 lb.)
Liverwurst (1 lb.)
Garlic Beef Franks (1 lb.)
Plain Beef Franks (1 lb.)
Beef Bologna (1 lb.)
Pot Roast (2 lb.)
Salami (1 lb.)
Summer Sausage (1 lb.)
Shredded BBQ Beef (1.5 lb.)

So, if you're wanting to switch over to grass-fed beef - or if you just live with a bunch of carnivores and would like some free meat, head on over to Nourished Kitchen to find out how to enter. 
*Disclaimer:  If you win and I don't, I would happily accept the summer sausage on your behalf for introducing you to the give away.  :0)  I'm just sayin'...
Happy Homemaking!

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Anonymous said...

If I win, you can so have the summer sausage! Teehee. Thank you for the info. BTW: I am so impressed with your family's diet.